First Year Experience (FYE)

First Year Experience (FYE) is a group of comprehensive interventions that provides academic, career, and social supports for first-time students. These interventions were introduced in stages and were fully implemented in Fall 2014. Recent policy changes now require all first-time students to participate in each element of the FYE program, which includes:

  • GPS for Success. An early academic advising program for all first-time students, GPS for Success was designed and fully implemented in Fall 2013 after being piloted at two campuses in Fall 2012. GPS for Success provides comprehensive early academic advising for first-time students and then directs students to a faculty advising program. All students in the GPS population are assigned an advising specialist, who meets with the student periodically until he or she is ready to transition to a faculty advisor. To implement this program, each campus hired a student success coordinator and multiple advising specialists. Additionally, a Director of GPS was hired to oversee academic advising at NOVA.
  • Orientation.  At orientation, which was made mandatory in Fall 2014, first-time students learn about college resources, meet with their academic advisor, create an academic plan, and register for classes.
  • Revised Student Success Course (SDV 100). Also mandatory for first-time students, this course prepares students for success at NOVA and covers topics including study skills, time management, and effective decision-making. The course features common assignments and reading materials across sections, so all students receive the same experience, regardless of which campus they take the course. 
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