The Refresher Program, which initially began as a pilot program in 2012-2013, was implemented at full-scale beginning in the summer 2014 for the 2014-2015 academic term.  After their initial assessment, first time in college students are required to take an eight-clock hour refresher course in Integrated Reading and Writing and/or a sixteen-clock hour refresher in mathematics.  The Developmental Education Department Chairs in English and Math, along with Developmental Education Faculty, developed the refresher courses.  The focus was to try to improve the student’s initial placement level if they initially tested below college-ready.  Upon completion of the refresher course, the faculty member provided a holistic assessment as an additional measure for placement.  To adequately ensure the student properly registered in the course based on their performance in the refresher course, advising protocols were formulated and implemented focusing on three major touch points:  pre-testing advising, post-testing advising, and post-refresher advising.  The Refreshers are provided to the students at no cost.  The Board of Trustees, to support these evidence-based practices committed $2 million dollars annually to these Student Success Initiatives.  Initial review of data was extremely promising and Alamo Colleges are currently working on establishing a longitudinal data evaluation plan. 


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