Progressive Advising Model: Faculty Advisor Training

As we grow our professional advising staff in the Advising Center,  role of faculty advisors is changing so that they no longer have a structured role. However, students talk to faculty everyday, so it is still important that faculty receive regular training and have up-to-date information.  The focus of  faculty advisor training is to create and maintain a foundation of knowledge and skills needed to advise students. The initial training of new faculty includes a conceptual overview of advising in general and at TCC, training in the use of technological resources, information regarding basic policies, procedures, resources, and development of relational advising skills. The continuing faculty advisor training is provided to ensure the information they are disseminating is timely, accurate and consistent. It also provides a forum for sharing their experiences, knowledge and ability to communicate school policies, procedures, processes, programs and resources to new, continuing, and prospective students. Faculty receive additional training on Starfish Early Alert and Connect.

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