Proactive (intrusive) advising model

Every student is assigned an advisor in the Student Success Center who will remain with the student for his or her entire time at DCCC.  The purpose of this intervention is to provide more consistent and intentional contact for students, which in turn will help them build relationships that increase engagement, accountability, and success. This model also promotes closer monitoring and earlier identification of students who are experiencing challenges that may threaten their success, allowing for intervention and support to assist students in overcoming these challenges.

Centralized, proactive advising has been fully implemented.  There are currently nine academic advisors and a director of advising that support every student who enters a curriculum program at DCCC.  Programs of study are organized into three academic schools, with each school having three advisors who specialize in the programs contained within that school.  Full implementation was completed during the 2012-13 academic year and data indicate that this model is associated with modest declines in the rates of students placed on academic alert, probation, or suspension from semester to semester.  Additionally, data indicate that since the implementation of this advising model, assigned grades of W (withdraw) and WF (withdraw failing) have decreased.  Furthermore, student feedback on the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) indicated that frequency of academic advising, providing support needed to thrive socially, and discussions about career plans were among the aspects of highest student engagement.

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