Registration for Developmental and Gateway Math in the First Semester of Enrollment

Students are directed into developmental math or the appropriate gateway math course optimally during their first semester of attendance. This is intended to prevent students who dislike math from putting off taking the necessary courses and thus putting more distance between their last math experience and their college requirements.  Furthermore, failure to complete required developmental math and subsequent college-level gateway math courses creates a barrier to degree completion.

Curriculum redesign across all programs of study has encouraged incorporating math requirements in the first semester(s) of program course sequences so students engage earlier and potential barriers to their progression can be identified and addressed.   Effective Spring 2014, all programs have been redesigned, resulting in clear pathways that facilitate student advising and registration into required math courses as early as possible in the program of study.  Program redesign and curriculum pathways development has resulted in a more defined program schedule with specific courses scheduled for particular terms in the student’s program.  The incorporation and implementation of the proactive advising model, which includes registration holds until the student has met with their advisor, combined with the program redesign has resulted in more students enrolling in math courses (developmental or gateway, as appropriate) during the first semester that they attend DCCC.  Both measures are necessary to continue to increase the numbers of students who enroll and decrease the numbers of students who are able to practice “math avoidance.”

Data indicate that students enrolling in gateway math in the first term are highly successful.  Of the students enrolling in gateway math during their first semester of enrollment in Fall 2014, 92% completed their math course with a grade of “C” or higher.  For students enrolling in gateway math during their first semester of enrollment in Fall 2015, 99% successfully completed their math course.

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