Program Redesign and Implementation of Curriculum Pathways

To ensure that students have clear pathways that guide them from the point of initial enrollment to degree completion, faculty and College leaders have worked together to develop a streamlined academic plan for each program of study.  Program redesign has been aligned with increased emphasis on reducing the number of credit hours in each degree program when possible, requiring a student success course (ACA 090) in the student's first semester, promoting enrollment in developmental and/or gateway English and Math courses in the student's first semester, and encouraging subsequent enrollment in English and Math courses until degree requirements have been met. 

All programs of study have clearly structured pathways that are accessible to students and are used by advisors as the guide for academic planning.  The use of technology to create interactive academic plans has been slower to emerge.  Previous planning to utilize an open-source academic planning solution did not work with existing systems as originally anticipated.  During the Fall 2015 semester, the college began testing Ellucian Student Planning as a technology tool to support students’ academic planning and piloted the intervention with a small group of students during Spring 2016 semester.  Effective Fall 2016, all new students enrolling at DCCC will have a digital plan created using Ellucian Student Planning that will allow students to easily track their progress toward their degree and prevent enrollment in excess credits that do not contribute to completion of their academic goals.

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