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Prior to this year, West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) has provided face-to-face (F2F) tutoring on some but not all of its five campuses, offered through supplemental instruction, with no appointment necessary but limited posted hours; online tutoring has been available to students 24/7 through Smarthinking. However, utilization of tutoring services was low, both F2F and online. Through recent surveys and focus groups, WGTC students were asked what the College could do to make academic tutoring more accessible and beneficial. Results indicated several factors influencing students’ ability to take advantage of this resource:

Students’ class or work schedules often conflict with available tutoring hours
Students prefer F2F tutoring to online tutoring, even though the latter is readily available
Students would like a centralized tutoring location to maximize available time between classes
Students are often unaware of current services offered

In response to student comments, WGTC has replaced supplemental instruction with F2F tutoring on each campus for at least 19 hours per week; faculty survey students at the beginning of each term to determine the most viable times for scheduling, and tutors are available during those times. However, many students continue to have scheduling conflicts, and F2F tutoring usage has not increased as anticipated. In an effort to balance students’ desire for personal contact and their need for flexibility, WGTC searched for an online service offering a format that more closely resembles traditional tutoring. In fall 2015, SmarThinking was replaced by UpSwing online tutoring, which utilizes two way audio\video capability and also allows usage of our own tutors. This new platform has dramatically increased usage of academic tutoring services, from 182 total (F2F and online) tutoring sessions in AY2014 to 470 total sessions by spring 2016. To make students more aware of tutoring services, schedules are posted on the website and in BlackBoard Learn course announcements, on electronic boards in each instructional and student activities area, and on campus bulletin boards. Faculty announce tutoring schedules in classes and through class emails. Additionally, tutoring services are currently being relocated to the Academic Resource Center (ARC), a centralized hub of academic and student support services on each campus, where students can benefit not only from tutoring services but other resources, such as advising and financial aid assistance, all in one convenient location.


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