Success Coaches

The use of Success Coaches who meet regularly with new WSCC students to provide them with the structure, tools, and motivation they need to persist through challenges and barriers of the first year addresses the lack of confidence and support first-year students often feel their first semester of college .  Coaches reach out to students on a regular (usually weekly) basis and assist in planning their overall educational experience as well as career goals. The coaching assists students in a plethora of ways, including time management, organizational skills, referrals, study skills, and other available interventions on campus to promote student success.

In the fall 2015, coaches focused heavily on students enrolled in the Freshman Seminar course.  This enrollment consisted of 1180 students in 41 sections of the course.  Five coaches visited the classroom twice.  In addition to this, 332 students met with a coach 3 or more times which resulted in a retention to spring smester of 92%.  Those that met less than 3 times were retained at 78%.  Five hundred thirty two students had 4 or more contacts with a coach and had a retention of 88% fall to spring.  Those with fewer than 4 contacts were retained at 76%. 

Because of the outstanding data, coaching will continue fall 2016 but with a tiered approach--identifying students who are historically at risk and focusing efforts appropriately.

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