New Mathways

Kilgore College served as a co-development partner with the Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin to pilot the new mathways project.  This project allows students to bypass the intermediate algebra developmental course if their majors do not require college algebra or higher levels of algebra-based math.  This intervention effectively shortens the developmental sequence for students who do not need the content of intermediate algebra for their major-required college-level math courses.  Fall 2015 was the first semester that we have used our curriculum and technology partner, Pearson, and brought the program to scale.  The success rates in fall 2015 were comparable between the pathways model and the traditional model in MATH 1333 (quantitative literacy), while in MATH 1342 (statistics), the success rates were lower in the pathways sections.  This could be attributed to the fact that many students take MATH 1314 (college algebra) before taking MATH 1342.   We consider the pathways model to be a success, offering many students a shorter pathway to fulfill their mathematics requirements at Kilgore College. 

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