Productive Persistence

Richland College participates in an innovative method for the teaching of Developmental Mathematics called Statway originally piloted in fall 2011.   This initiative empowers student productive persistence, a key element of developing learning power, and is accomplished in collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  Developmental Mathematics students who place into level one of Algebra Fundamentals learn to persist in problem solving and to value the process of learning as much as they value the correct answer.  Successful students complete the Developmental Mathematics sequence and college-level Statistics within two semesters; termed two and through.  Following the first two years of Statway, the data indicate that students completed two and through at a rate of 63% in year one and 81% in year two.  Richland College has scaled the use of the concept of productive persistence to pilot sections of college mathematics during 2015-16 and will continue scaling to all sections of college algrebra.  Beginning fall 2015, all students who were not in STEM programs were required to participate in Statway.  This has resulted in a large number of students in the Statway cohort.


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