Learning Communities

As part of our ATD work, we developed a new model for learning communities here at WSCC.  Previously, we had used pairings, but due to scheduling and load difficulties, we were unable to take the program to scale.  Now we utilize a 9:30 timeslot (the Salerno model) and use the larger sense of "community" to mean across disciplines and across campus.  With this model, instructors flip their classrooms to allow students to attend lc events and functions during the class meeting time.  This allows more students to particpate in the model because the majority of our students commute, and to require another scheduled time to meet was a barrier to participation in these worthwhile experiences.  Enrollment averages from 1000 to 1400 students each semester and includes almost all areas of the college. (biology, dental, English, speech, math, psychology, criminal justice, music, etc.) For fall 2016, we have 38 scheduled (over 1200 students).

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