Starting in 2011, student progress has been regularly evaluated across demographics such as gender, race/ethnicity, Pell Grant status, intent code, full- or part-time status, first generation, family status, dual enrollment, and age. In 2014, Pierce invested in and filled a Data Solutions Specialist position within its Institutional Research department, which has been developing real-time, automated data reports for the college community to easily access, including interactive dashboards that feature demographic breakouts, highlighting progress in the five ATD indicators and Pierce College’s intervention strategies. These efforts and investments have allowed Pierce to develop a new priority area—Equity—based in part on the evaluation of data and the identification of equity gaps within the disaggregated data.

In 2014 and 2015, the Equity intervention was concived and broke into subgroups that began to develop unique interventions based on common needs identified by an inclusive but broad group of faculty, staff, and administrators conveined in the fall of 2014. Currently, the Equity interventions include:

  1. Advising and Career Pathways
  2. Student Engagement
  3. Campus Climate
  4. Economic Issues and Social Capital
  5. Messaging and Communication
  6. Human Resources - Faculty and Staff Diversity
  7. Ongoing Use of Data

In fall of 2016, a new equity group was formed:  Instruction.  The goal of this subcommittee was to put forth interventions that would be scalable across instruction, evaluating common themes present in all divisions.  

These equity interventions were done with our overarching goal in mind: to close achievement gaps evidenced by the data.  Therefore, we evaluated our campus through multiple equity lenses, keeping access, retention, success, and completion in mind. 

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