Precollege Education Math Pathways

Pierce’s Pre-College Math strategies focused on improving basic math skills and persistence, placing more new students into college level math, shortening the pathway through developmental math for those that need it, helping students progress through courses more quickly, improving consistency in instruction and course success rates, and providing STEM and Non-STEM math pathways. The following interventions have been scaled to reach all of Pierce College entering math students. 

  • COMPUTER-BASED MATH LABS These labs provide for self-paced instruction. The program assesses students’ math knowledge and delivers targeted instruction on the topics they are ready to learn. Students have completed up to three developmental math courses in only one quarter.
  • AUTOMATICITY Automaticity (­fluency with math facts) is the result of repetition and practice. Pierce faculty designed a ­ash card program through the Washington Mathematics Assessment and Placement (WAMAP) platform. Automaticity is now an outcome of Pierce’s two lowest level precollege math courses.
  • PRODUCTIVE PERSISTENCE Productive Persistence is an evidence-based package of student activities and faculty actions to increase student motivation, tenacity, and skills for math success. Through the Center for Learning and Engagement, Pierce offers training for faculty.
  • NON-STEM PATHWAY The precollege pathway was shortened for non-STEM students from four to three courses that many pass in just two terms. Math faculty redesigned pre-college math and piloted the new curriculum in just one year.
  • PLACEMENT POLICY The College lowered the placement score needed to enter college-level courses, without decreasing pass rates.
  • OUTCOMES RE-ALIGNMENT Pre-college math outcomes were re-aligned to include only what was necessary for students to succeed at the college level.
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