Developmental Ed Re-design - Mathematics

In Spring 2015, KCC faculty crafted an alternative pathway for students who place into developmental mathematics.  The new pathway emphasizes applied mathematics and eliminates up to two or even as many as three classes from a student’s developmental requirements before entry into a collegiate level mathematics course.  If students are able to show proficiency in basic arithmetic (decimals, fractions, percentages, etc.), they qualify for placement into a newly developed course titled MTH 098 (Quantitative Literacy).  Upon successful completion of this course, students are able to take their first collegiate-level course, MTH 105 (Math in Society).  If students do not need additional mathematics to achieve their academic and career goals, they may consider MTH 105 their terminal course.  However, should they need additional background in applied mathematics, they may go beyond MTH 105 and take MTH 243 (Statistics I) and then MTH 244 (Statistics II), both requirements of degrees in business administration. 

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