In order to provide universal access to tutoring services, KCC partners with the Western eTutoring Consortium to provide online tutoring assistance to students. Students can be assisted synchronously and asynchronously, having their questions answered in real time, or receiving replies to questions and essay submissions left for review and commentary. Currently, eTutoring is used across North America in over 130 two and four-year, public and private colleges and universities.

All currently enrolled KCC students have access to eTutoring’s free online professional tutoring services in addition to the face-to-face tutoring offered on the main campus. eTutoring offers assistance in areas such as writing, math, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and more. This service is promoted to the student body as a whole across multiple mediums, including new student orientation, the LRC website, tours of potential students, information literacy instruction classes, the college catalog, course schedule, and targeted marketing materials across campus. LRC staff also makes a special effort to inform and instruct distance education students and instructors about this resource.

Thus far in the 2015-2016 academic year (as of 5.23.16), 177 students have engaged in 316 tutoring sessions. This represents a 354% increase in the number of tutoring sessions and a 295% increase in the number of users when compared to the 2014-2015 academic year.


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