Early Alerts

The Early Alert System is a team effort by KCC faculty, administrators and support staff to boost student success, retention, and graduation rates. For the Early Alert System to work effectively, students that are having difficulties need to be reported immediately. Intervention strategies are most effective when used in a timely fashion. The Early Alert System also allows the college to appropriately allocate financial aid resources.  It is imperative that faculty and staff utilize the Early Alert System to notify financial aid of non-attending or non-performing students in their classes the first week of the term and throughout the term. 

KCC is committed to the success of all of our students. We now have a new centralized Early Alert referral system through Jenzabar to support student success.  Faculty and Staff participate by alerting, referring, and providing interventions for students. The Jenzabar system will allow all faculty and staff to be able to track students that have received early alerts and follow the students’ progress as they receive assistance from faculty, staff, and other support services.   

Early Alerts, as indicated in the current description, are a vital part of our retention strategy at KCC to ensure student success.  This year the college chose to dedicate a significant part of a new position in Enrollment Services to actively monitor and reach out to early alert students with tailored interventions.  Our options for these interventions have also increased to include a broader group of people – for example our tutoring staff.  Now, if an early alert from a faculty member indicates academic trouble, we reach out directly to a tutor to create an intervention for the student as a way to quickly respond in the most targeted way possible.  This broader and more supported approach – to include more individuals helping students – is showing early signs of success with continued high term-to-term retention rates for all KCC students.

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