FastTrack for College Success

Description and Purpose

Fast Track is an intensive three-week, 14-hour per week learning lab in which students remediate academic skills through a combination of web-based and tutor-guided activities. Each Fas Track lab has an enrollment capacity of 22 students. Reading Fast Track labs use My Foundations Lab and Math labs use ALEKS, with both technologies supported by tutors. English Fast Track is facilitated by tutors in a traditional classroom method. Forty-two hours are spent in each Fast Track lab over the three week session.

The purpose of the Fast Track program is to give developmental students an opportunity to accelerate skill building so they are able to bypass developmental course work and move directly into college-level courses.

Enrollment Process

GRCC's Enrollment and Testing Center provides the assessment and screening for potential students. The College Success Center is in charge of recruiting potential candidates for Fast Track through multiple venues: personal phone calls, e-mails, post cards/posters, invitation letter, web-based information, High School promotion, etc. Once a student has accepted the invitation, he or she is informed about the requirements of the program. Students participating in Fast Track are required to complete the following:

  • Take an affective assessment.
  • Complete an intake with a Student Success Coach.
  • Attend a mandatory New College Orientation.
  • Complete the Financial Aid process (if applicable).
  • Complete the Road Map to Success (a pre-semester check list).
  • Work with their coach (regular check ins, support and follow up).

Assessment and Criteria

Students are targeted based on their ACCUPLACER scores in Reading, Mathematics (Algebra and Arithmetic) and English. The following table shows the ACCUPLCAER score ranges for developmental and college placement. The target group scores in the far right column, indicate the ranges for Fast Track eligibility. Students who qualify for Fast Track, based on the score criteria are invited to take the lab for free.



The following are immediate and short term benefits as a result of the program.




ID 15359

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