Reading Apprenticeship

Our intervention began in 2008 with a pilot group of Adult Basic Education classes to discover whether the Reading Apprenticeship instructional model could impact the persistence rate of students. When the retention and persistence rates grew from 51% to more than 85%, Renton Technical College (RTC) began to expand the instructional model into the professional-technical discipline areas. Reading Apprenticeship (RA) training for faculty is an ongoing professional development activity at RTC. We find that several iterations of professional development around disciplinary texts, mentoring, and idea sharing help faculty make a paradigm shift in their presentation and student engagement of text. At present, RTC is creating two unique courses entitled “Disciplinary Reading at Renton Technical College” and “Reading Apprenticeship in STEM”. These courses will be offered online as professional development for faculty in 2016-17. RTC is attempting to move the Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory to 25% of the College’s full-time programs, with the goal of integrating the intervention into all professional-technical programs. To help spread this instructional framework, RTC trained six faculty leaders in spring 2015 who helped grow the use and understanding of Reading Apprenticeship in an intensive multi-year long apprenticeship model. Additionally, RTC sent 43 faculty to the Metacognition and Mindfulness: Reading Apprenticeship Conference, a national conference that is hosted by RTC every year in March.

RTC offers showcase classrooms for internal and external faculty and staff to visit, Canvas repository of training materials, faculty focus groups, tailored training for disciplinary areas like nursing, student tutors, a LIBGuide with resources and videos of Reading Apprenticeship in action, and ongoing faculty-led modeling and training help for those who request curriculum development support. We have provided training to more than 75% of our current faculty and this framework is present in varying degrees in more than a third of our courses. In the coming year, RTC will attempt to assess reading comprehension for 25% of our students in full-time programs. In doing so, we have selected the Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency to administer a pre and post assessment. The Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency is a research-based assessment that offers a quick assessment of comprehension and fluency skills.

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