Summer Bridge

Bakersfield College has offered a summer bridge course since 2009. However, the scope of the bridge has been modified and the pilot will be offered in Summer 2016. We developed (soft) meta-major weeks with one-day (8am-5pm) sessions. We also incorporated a stronger career focus and invited departments to involve faculty, staff, and industry leaders throughout the day. Students are recruited through our counseling and outreach departments and enrolled with the help of the high school counselors. We scale up our rural bridge outreach in coordination with high school counselors.

Week 1: Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design

Week 2: Business, Industry, Manufacturing, Agriculture

Week 3: Education, Social Behavioral Sciences, and Human Services

Summer School: Rural Bridge and Cal-SOAP Bridges

Week 4; Career Exploration Week

Week 5: Health Sciences

Week 6: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

ID 15364

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