New Student Orientation

In 2013, Renton Technical College (RTC) began implementing a mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO). In fall 2016, RTC fully scaled NSO across all professional-technical programs. After three years of piloting our NSO model, the data indicates that a mandatory, in-person orientation for new students before the first day of class prepares students to begin their programs with knowledge of program expectations and information about program culture.

Success in retention on the 10th day of enrollment following NSO implementation is impressive. According to the data, retention on the 10th day in 38 programs is 70% or higher, with most programs boasting retention rates well-above 90% (many programs have a 100% retention rate on day 10). Additionally, 94% of students reported that they felt confident on the first day of class, and 87% reported feeling informed about the overall expectations of their program. Additional survey data pertaining to this intervention can be accessed by contacting the intervention point-of-contact.

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