Focus Academy

The FOCUS Academy is based on a theoretical framework that promotes greater student engagement in the classroom by utilizing strategies such as collaborative group work, writing to learn, questioning, scaffolding, classroom talk, and literacy groups. The implementation of the FOCUS Academy involves recruiting a targeted number of full-time and part-time faculty members based on volunteering or chairs' recommendations. The Academy provides in-depth training on andragogy contextualized in the teaching and learning environment. The structure of the Academy promotes faculty working together in professional learning communities. Faculty participants are immersed in an instructional framework around which they build learning modules for their classes. The delivery of these modules then creates an embedded form of professional development that can be observed by academy participants. The faculty members and their peers then engage in dialogue on student learning and corresponding teaching practices. It is hoped that the increase in faculty's participation in the Academy will result in creating a culture of excellence in teaching and learning, leading to greater student engagement, increased course completion, retention, and degree/certificate completion.


A total of 96 faculty advisors have completed the training, as of 05/17/2016.

ID 15368

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