Engaging Students for Success in English (ESSE)

At South Texas College, the examination of the gateway course pass rates over a span of five years revealed that the 1st year English Composition course pass rates had been going down (decreasing year by year). An intervention team consisted of five English instructors, the English Department Chair, and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment was formed to design an intervention. The intervention project included the following strategies: (1) Faculty members meet with each student in their 1st year English Composition classes during the 1st week of class to establish rapport with students (Rubrics were developed to guide the 1st week meeting). (2) Upon 2nd absence and missing 2 assignments, the faculty members will advise students. (3) Upon 3rd absence and missing 3 assignments, the faculty members will refer students to the retention specialist for advising. The purpose of the intervention was to help students develop bond with instructors from the beginning of the semester and get timely advice on how to remove personal and academic barriers, thus improving their success rate in the 1st Year English Composition course.

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