CSN's First Steps to Enrollment

First Steps to Enrollment is a large-scale intervention designed to give students the knowledge they need to succeed at CSN as soon as possible.  The intervention requires incoming students to attend orientation (either online or in-person), take their placement tests, and meet with an advisor about general education requirements PRIOR to enrolling in first semester classes. Then, before enrolling for their second semester classes, students must meet with an academic counselor to discuss specifics related to their degree program.

The intervention started in fall 2014 with a large pilot.  Over 5000 applicants were guided through the new mandatory enrollment steps, with about 2000 making it through all three steps and enrolling.  The intervention was partially scaled-up for 2015 and will be partially scaled up again for 2016.   

First Steps to Enrollment has been successful in increasing persistence among participating students.  CSN is now analyzing technology, communication, and resource barriers presented by the intervention in an effort to bring the pilot to full scale as soon as possible.

ID 15381

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #15381, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

Please note that for security purposes, contact information can only be provided to known contacts at active Achieving the Dream institutions.

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