Men of Honor/Women of Integrity

These two programs are mentoring programs that pair target students with employees, community leaders, and student peer mentors.  The gola of the program is to change the college-going culture of these students; all while improving retention, persistence, and graduation rates of the participants.  Topics covered include study habits, career selection, goal setting, money management, financial aid, and the importance of taking advantage of available campus resources. Mentors meet with students one-on-one throughout the semester. The college has employed a full-time director of this program who works to recruit, design programs, lead the mentors, and travel with the students to various conferences. Originally designed for African American Males in 2013-2014 the program was expanded to include Hispanic students.

In 2015-2016 the College received a state Minority Male Initiative grant  which allowed us to hire a coordinator to serve all three campuses in the college.  In the same year the program was expanded to include women students in a similar program titled Women of Integrity.  The program is basically the same as the Men of Honor.  The two programs will often meet jointly if the topic is gender neutral.

These programs have proved successful with high rates of retention and success.  The fall retention rate was higher than the rest of the student body at 86.4 percent fall of 2015 for Men of Honor and 94.3 for the same semester for Women of Integrity.

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