Mandatory New Student Orientation

<p>All first time in college students are required to attend new student orientation (NSO) prior to registering for classes at San Jacinto College.&nbsp; NSO provides an opportunity for students to visit the College and gain valuable information to ease their transition to college.&nbsp; Future students are welcomed to the campus and provided with a backpack containing essential information including a campus map, student handbook, registration and payment information, campus safety, and other flyers containing information about campus resources and services.</p>

<p>First Year Experience Coordinators begin by sharing the mission, process, and learning outcomes for orientation with the entire student group.&nbsp; Following a presentation regarding campus policies, FERPA, and payment deadlines, representatives from Financial Aid and Campus Police provide information about FAFSA, personal safety, and how to protect personal property.&nbsp; Faculty representatives also participate to discuss academic expectations including college culture, student success, GPA, academic standing, and classroom behavior.</p>

<p>During campus tours facilitated by student leaders, new students are provided with a glimpse of important campus resources including tutoring, the library, bookstore, student life, career, and educational planning &amp; counseling offices, and locations where various programs host classes.&nbsp; One of the stops on the tour involves students meeting briefly with an Educational Planner to register for their first semester of classes.&nbsp; All attendees are encouraged to visit the resource fair, an exhibit area with representatives from academic and technical programs as well as student services.</p>

<p>For students who are not able to attend an on-campus orientation, an online version is offered two weeks prior to the start of classes.&nbsp; Students are required to complete an online survey and quiz to demonstrate understanding of the content.</p>


<p>There have been some changes to our New Student Orientation program over the last year:</p>

<p>1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The office responsible for Mandatory New Student Orientation is now Orientation and Campus Tours.<br />
2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Orientation is now also mandatory for transfer students with fewer than 12 credit hours.<br />
3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Students receive advising and are registered for classes by an educational planner at individual advising sessions during orientation.<br />
4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; To accommodate the advising and registration component, fewer students are allowed to sign up for each orientation.&nbsp; We have reduced the number from 150 to 50 per session.<br />
5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Due to changes in our admissions process, only students who are admitted to San Jacinto College and who have completed their admissions requirements may attend orientation.&nbsp; To be fully admitted to SJC, students must: complete an application, present testing or exemption information to determine TSIA status, satisfy the meningitis requirement, and clear any residency issues.</p>


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