On-Demand Student Success Workshops

This intervention makes use of On-Demand Student Success Workshops for our students and faculty. These workshops address issues identified through our research related to ATD. They will provide students with knowledge they need to overcome early challenges as a new or re-entering college student (with skills such as study habits, time management, etc.) and succeed in courses that tend to have low rates of retention. Additionally, the workshops will be a valuable tool for advising and for faculty to use in their classes, as many of them teach core college and/or course-specific skills. The workshops also provide an opportunity for students to evaluate them, and are being paired with assessment quizzes to measure acquisition of knowledge. Additionally, the college has worked with the vendor to integrate them into our enrollment management software for tracking usage. Both of these data collection methods have been valuable in evaluating the intervention. Although these workshops were introduced as a means of targeting a specific population, they are available to all students at the institution.  As a result of positive feedback from the evaluation of the workshops, we have renewed our contract with the vendor for another year.

ID 15450

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