Soft Skills Training Track

The goal of this intervention is to provide faculty and staff a better understanding of students' needs in and out of the classroom and to equip faculty and staff with the soft skills needed to establish an environment more conducive to student learning and success. In 2015, the college's Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professional Development and Training Coordinator assembled a cross-campus faculty and staff team to identify training topics, including soft skills, for several professional development tracks. In 2016, the college continued to focus professional development and training around student success initiatives and incorporated student voices in a session where students answered questions and shared their college experiences with faculty and staff. The results have been increased awareness of student success initiatives, increased faculty-staff engagement, additional professional development hours for in-house presenters, a greater variety of training topics, increased focus on student success, and improvements in campus culture. 


While the college has developed a professional development and training program that promotes employee and student success, the college is challenged to identify presenters for training sessions and to make professional development a priority to which time is allocated for all employees to participate.

ID 15462

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