Developmental English/Writing

During 2012-2013, the College redesigned the developmental reading and developmental writing courses to integrate them into developmental literacy courses with the INRW rubric.  This helped students because instead having a potential for four developmental courses required (two for reading and two for writing) it was reduced the maximum of required courses to three INRW courses. In reality, most students have been testing or placing into the middle level INRW course, therefore they are only required to complete two courses to get to college readiness. This has really helped students speed up their progress towards college readiness.

The students that complete the INRW courses are very successful in their ENGL 1301 course especially if taken the sememster following INRW.  For example, there were 51 students who were enrolled in INRW classes in Fall 2015 and took ENGL 1301 in Spring 2016.These students had a 92% success rate. In comparison, there were 89 students who took ENGL 1301 in Spring 2016, but were not enrolled in INRW Fall 2015.These students had a 66% success rate.

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