Scale FYES 1000 First-Year Experience Seminar

In 2014-15, the college launched FYES 1000, a first-year experience seminar that is mandatory for incoming students with fewer than 30 semester credit hours. The college piloted one section of this course in summer 2014 and then scaled the course to 1268 students the following fall semester. Through this course, students are acclimated to college and connected to support services early in their college career. Topics also include campus resources, time management, financial literacy, financial aid, learning styles, study skills, test taking, writing and speaking, information literacy, research, and career exploration. By spring 2015, 2547 students had enrolled in FYES 1000, and 81% of those who participated in course surveys reported satisfaction. 

Now that the college is in the second year of this initiative, more data is available. During AY2015, the college enrolled 3003 students in 112 section of FYES 1000, which is an average of approximately 27 students per course. During the academic year, 2129 of the 3003 students passed the course, which yielded a 71% pass rate. Along ethnic lines, 66% of African Americans and 66% of students who identified as “Unknown” passed the course. Comparatively speaking, 84% of Asians, 75% of Hispanic, 73% of White, and 71% of Non-resident Alien students passed the course. Seventy-five percent of females (which comprise 57% of FYES enrollment) passed the course, as opposed to 66% of males (who comprise 43% of FYE enrollment). Older students were also more likely to pass the FYES course than younger ones. For example, pass rates for those beyond 40 (81%) and between 36 and 40 (79%) were much higher than those under 21 (65%), between 21 and 25 (71%), between 26 and 30 (74%) and between 31 and 35 (76%).  This data reveals that in AY2016, the college needs to focus efforts on understanding root causes of achievement gaps and implementing intervention strategies for those student populations.

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