Implement an Online Early Alert Process

Gwinnett Technical College (GTC) selected this intervention to increase persistence and success rates by improving the process used to identify at-risk students. Staff researched, identified, and selected a vendor for an early alert system. However, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) denied the purchase due to the need for a statewide system. In fall 2015, TCSG developed the TCSG Early Alert Management System (TEAMS) for all of the state's technical colleges to use. TCSG also allocated funds for one student navigator position at each college to implement and manage the system. Gwinnett Technical College's student navigator is now in place and has been coordinating the system's pilot phase at the college. The student navigator also provided input regarding the system's design and features. During the spring 2015, the TEAMS system was piloted with 90 classes in five general education programs, 17 instructors, and 2,372 students (duplicated). Because this system requires integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) and all TCSG colleges were transitioning to Blackboard in 2016, GTC was challenged to fully implement TEAMS as planned until that transition was complete. Therefore, we have continued utilizing TEAMS with the programs from the pilot phase with plans to scale the new system to all programs by fall 2016.

Early TEAMS data shows positive results. As a results of the TEAMS project, students in learning support courses realized some meaningful success. In AY15, TEAMS facilitated a 10.5% increase in success (i.e., passing with a “C” or better) for students enrolled in both English and Math learning support courses, while those enrolled only in Math learning support realized a 15% increase in success. The year-to-year persistence also increased in AY15 by 2.4%, and the graduation rate increased by 5%.

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