TCC SOAR: Student Occupational and Academic Resource

Student Occupational & Academic Resource (SOAR):  SOAR provides important information on students’ occupational and educational goals. The advising programs consists of three components:  a career assessment, meta-majors, and academic maps. 


Career Assessment/SIGI3

Students first complete the SIGI3 FastStart assessment before attending the mandatory New Student Orientation. SIGI3 is a comprehensive, interactive, computer-assisted career guidance program designed to assist students in making career choices.  SIGI3 combines personal and occupational characteristics to identify career options.  It has all the tools students need to help identify students’ future major and career path.



As required by section 1008.30(5), Florida Statutes (F.S.), the State Board of Education has established eight meta-major pathways to advise entering, first-time-in-college students in regards to their intended academic and career goals and aligned gateway courses. A meta-major is a collection of academic programs that have common or related content. Students may not know exactly what they want to major in yet, but having a general idea of the topic they want to study will help ensure their academic success. Meta-majors will help students choose the right classes and start out on the correct path!


Academic MAPs:

The Academic Maps for A.S., certificate, PSAVs, and A.A. degrees are intended as suggested term schedules and can vary depending on academic status, course availability and other factors.  These maps are designed to provide students with a guided pathway to successful completion of students’ program of choice. 


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