ATD Retail Pathways

The Retail Pathways grant is both a key intervention as well as model that can be replicated when establishing pathways that align directly with local and state workforce needs. The areas targeted that address the student include the following: advising and counseling, career exploration, case management, referral to wrap around services and follow-up services upon completion of the short-term training offered through the grant. This intervention is unique in that it provides a pathway for credit and non-credit students seeking to enter the workforce with marketable skills in  a very short time frame.  This intervention recognizes the fact that most of our students served are working while attending school. Therefore, by providing an opportunity to earn a higher wage that also puts them on a path to a career meets their short term and long term goals.

With respect to replicating the effort, TCC is 1 of 4 colleges in the nation to receive this grant award. The grant affords us the opportunity to establish a bridge between our employers and education.  Our ability to successfully implement this targeted sector initiative throughout our campus and community bolsters our image as a viable resource for businesses interested in establishing a talent pipeline.

ID 15489

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