Zero Week

Zero-Week is a multi-faceted intervention designed to provide students and faculty with an enhanced first days of class experience. Zero-Week is a week without scheduled classes that provides faculty and students the time to prepare for the beginning of the semester and the academic year. This extra week provides students with additional time to study for accurate placement testing, attend mini-sessions to improve placement test performance, review course syllabi, attend orientation, and prepare for the rigors of college coursework. This intervention also focuses on professional development opportunities for faculty. Student orientations for special interests (i.e. Health Professions, Music, TRIO, Veterans, etc.) occur during this week. Zero-Week provides support to students to help increase student success or connect students to relevant services, such as, Financial Aid, the Book Store, campus tours, advising, and counseling. Zero-Week went into effect college-wide in Fall 2010. Students who test into remedial Math courses are encouraged to attend fast-paced remediation using My Math Labs Plus in an effort to review math skills and increase their placement score before school begins. Academic “boot camps" are used for special interest groups as orientation sessions for students with common goals or characteristics. A special emphasis is placed on creating relationships among the students and key faculty/staff related to the student’s interests. Zero Week received high satisfaction rates from students and faculty and preliminary data indicate that Zero Week participants were more successful. Students new to Temple College who participated in Zero Week orientations had a higher average grade point average (GPA) and a higher term to term retention rate.

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