Retention Alert

Retention Alert is a software system designed to assist with communication regarding student retention issues. Temple College adopted the system as an Achieving the Dream intervention in Fall 2011. The system enhances communication between faculty and student support services staff when instructors desire assistance with students at risk of withdrawing from class or school. When an instructor feels that a student could use additional support, a case can be created and a student support professional is assigned to contact and monitor the student's progress. Faculty and staff desiring to initiate a case can find the link through the college's management system. Cases are automatically routed to the appropriate educational services personnel who then in turn assign the case to a trained staff member.

ID 15493

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #15493, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

Please note that for security purposes, contact information can only be provided to known contacts at active Achieving the Dream institutions.

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