Developmental Education: Transitional Studies Committee

Make improvements to Bay College's transitional (developmental) studies offerings, including new course designs, the hiring of full-time faculty, and policy changes. The creation of a Transitional Studies Committe and the appointment of a Transitional Studies coordinator are other aspects of the intervention.  Overall, the goal of Transitional Studies is to improve the success of transitional students through the preparation of students for college-level work as well as their acceleration through the pathway.

2015-16 Transitional Studies Activities

  • Continued to offer accelerated sections of developmental math.
  • Developed a new, six-credit, developmental math course to accelerate algebra pathway.  MATH 098 will combine MATH 085 and 095 into a one-semester course
  • Continued placement preparation model for students desiring COMPASS preparation in math, reading, and/or writing.
  • Identified ALEKS as a replacement math placement tool, and ACCUPLACER as a replacement writing and reading placement tool.
  • Identified options to re-design transitional math.  Options include a co-requisite support option, an emporium model, and heavy placement preparation including the use of ALEKS as a diagnostic tool.
  • Block schedule developed for transitional courses.

Goals for 2016-17

  • Analyze the effectiveness of ENGL 098 Integrated College Reading and Writing Skills.
  • Further develop the accelerated pathway for Math.  Identify new model by November 1st.
  • Implement the new placement tools (Accuplacer and ALEKS)
  • Increase the number of students utilizing placement testing services with ALEKS as a diagnostic tool in math.
  • Use block schedule to help students enroll in the right transitional courses.
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