100% Access

This year, at KCC’s 4th annual “Data Summit”, the college committed to very high but attainable completion goals and to “100% Access”.  What 100% Access means is that KCC aspires to touch 100% of every person in our community in some way – for example by directly providing academic and non-credit classes or training, by working with your business through our Small Business Development Center, by offering community driven enrichment classes, by hosting community events, by partnering with other educational partners and business on major initiatives, etc. This goal is even more transformational because our access means rural access – education made possible throughout Klamath and Lake Counties in Southern Oregon (two huge geographic areas) to all individuals. To do this, KCC has built synchronous technology classrooms through rural Oregon over the last year so that we may beam our classes and training into these communities in real time to provide access that is not only sustainable but has never been in place before!  100% Access for KCC relies on us applying creative strategies in using all modalities of instruction – synchronous, on-line, in-person, hybrid, etc.  Because of these new strategies, KCC’s enrollment is up 11% this year alone as strong evidence of increased access to education in rural Oregon.  It is truly transformative work for Southern Oregon, done in a way that leverages technology and education towards helping individuals and communities become stronger.  

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