Mandatory Advising

Over the last 3+ years, mandatory advising has been a deep commitment at KCC with a laser focus on student success.  Implemented in the fall and winter of 2012-13, mandatory advising has now become rooted in KCC’s campus culture with faculty, staff, and students alike.  This year advising took the next step and now requires that any high school student with more than 12 KCC credits must receive advising.  This step has required the addition of a staff member to spend time advising in the high schools and is part of KCC’s commitment to reach our 54% completion goal by 2020.  By ensuring that early on high school students are receiving solid guidance, KCC is providing strong encouragement for student retention and completion towards our larger goal of significantly increasing educational attainment throughout our community for all people. This is transformative work and is a focus in all of our efforts.  

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