Require students to register for developmental courses within the first 15 billable credits

Beginning fall 2013 semester, the following procedures applied to all new students:

  • Any student who tests into developmental reading must register and take that course in the first semester at the college.
  • Any student who tests into developmental math and/or developmental English course(s) that is (are) required for subsequent courses in the student’s certificate or degree program must register for the initial course within the first 15 billable hours/credits.
  • Once a student enters into a developmental course sequence, she/he must register for courses in that sequence in consecutive semesters until the sequence is completed. Students who do not successfully complete these courses must take them again in the next semester of study at the college.
  • EGL1000 and MAT1040 are included in and complete the sequence of developmental courses in English and math respectively.

These new requirements were based on data that showed students frequently delayed beginning their developmental requirements and often did not stay continuously enrolled in the required pathways.

This change has had relatively little impact on students’ enrollment and completion of their reading and English requirements. This is not that surprising as most students at PGCC already took their reading and English requirements early and completed the requirements within three semesters. In contrast, many students avoided beginning their Math coursework and often left it until the end of their program of study. As expected, the new requirements have led to a significant change in enrollment in Math coursework. Credit math course enrollment has seen a steady increase in enrollment, with a 12% increase in fall 2014 and an additional 2% increase in fall 2015. For the developmental mathematics courses there was a 2% increase in enrollment for fall 2014 and an additional 5% increase for fall 2015. These increase are even more impressive when compared to the fact that the institution as a whole was seeing a decline in headcount and FTE enrollment of 3-6% every year during this same time period.

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