Accelerated Reading and Study Skills Course

Prince George’s Community College’s Developmental English and Reading Department began offering DVR-0071 Accelerated Reading and Study Skills in Fall 2013. (Previously, the course been offered only in Summer and during the Intersession.)  To be eligible for this two-week, accelerated course students must earn a score of 70-78 on the Reading portion of Accuplacer. The course has been redesigned to incorporate a flipped-classroom model whereby students complete a significant amount of the coursework outside of the classroom in order that they may focus primarily on the application of the strategies while in the class.  Students who successfully complete the course with a grade of C or higher, are then eligible to enroll in late start, 12-week, credit courses that have a reading prerequisite, thereby completing the final developmental Reading course and one or more credit courses in one semester. During Fall 2013, 46 students enrolled in the course, and 41 students successfully completed the course, which yielded an 89 percent success rate for the course.  Conversely, during spring 2014, the department was unable to run the course due to low enrollment.  Fortunately, in fall 2014, 67 students were able enrolled in the course, and 64 students successfully completed the course, which yielded a 95.5 percent success rate.  This past spring 2015, 40 students enrolled in the course, with 31 students (77%) successfully completing.  Overall, the DVR 0071 course success rate boasts a combined 87.3 percent success rate.  Accuplacer scores indicate that the College has roughly 200 students per semester who are eligible to take this course.  While getting more students to enroll in the course, continues to challenge the Department, early data indicate that DVR-0071 could serve as a model for success for our students. The Department will offer this course again in fall 2015 and will continue to use new marketing methods to increase the number of sections offered each semester.  

In FY2016, the Developmental English and Reading Department spent time gathering completion data about the DVR 0071 course and engaged in an intensive marketing effort to increase enrollment in the sections offered. During the fall 2015 semester the 56 students who enrolled in the DVR 0071 had a 91% completion rate.  Additionally, in the spring 2016 semester, 12 students enrolled in the course and had a 93% completion rate. Because of the high success rate, the department continues its efforts to expand these accelerated offerings. It is anticipated taht this course will become the default path for students socring 70-78 on the Reading portion of Accuplacer

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