Implement a redesign of the developmental English sequence

For the last several years, the Developmental English and Reading Department has offered an integrated Reading and writing course, Foundations of Composition and Comprehension (DVE 0012). This course combines the curricula of College Reading and Study Skills (DVR 0061) with Developmental Composition (DVE 0011). This course equals 6 equivalent hours (but would be 8 equivalent hours if taken separately). Once students complete this course, they have completed the prerequisites for both English and reading at PGCC, and students are ready to begin taking credit level courses. Therefore, it allows students to skip an entire course (EGL 0100). Students benefit from enrolling in this course because it carries less credits than enrolling in two separate developmental courses. Although the enrollment in this course has been small, initial success rates are above 70% and appear promising. Thus far, the challenge for the department has been getting students to enroll in the course.   In an effort to increase enrollment, the department has partnered with Retention Services to market the course to students through Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration.  The Communication Center will also make direct calls to eligible students.  The department plans to offer additional sections in Fall 2016.   


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