Curriculum Review

In Fall 2015, 19% of West Kentucky Community and Technical College credential-seeking students were assigned a Health Science Technology (HST) major. The purpose of this major is to enable students to complete prerequisites for selective admission programs in nursing and allied health fields while simultaneously completing embedded, marketable credentials in the health field. A review of the curriculum is in order because prerequisites in selective admission programs continue to evolve. In addition, financial aid regulations continue to change which makes it imperative that the curriculum in this program enables students to complete a marketable credential while allowing for the needed flexibility to pursue alternate career pathways. 

The HST Program Coordinator reviewed and updated the HST curriculum to improve alignment with selective admission allied health and nursing programs. Specifically, the curriculum was revised to replace ENG 102 Writing II with FYE 105 Achieving Academic Success. ENG 102 was removed from the curriculum because it is no longer required for other health careers. FYE 105 was added because the content of this course includes a career exploration component which is needed to help students choose the health field that best fits their interests and abilities.

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