Pathways to Success

In 2011-12, NWTC implemented Pathways to Success, a developmental education initiative to establish course placement based on test scores for General Studies courses, including math scores for chemistry and physics courses. Our developmental courses added an academic coaching element in which coaches attend class each meeting and work with students who need additional support or guidance.  The Advanced Learning Program (ALP) model of developmental education was implemented to provide co-enrollment in both developmental writing and Gateway writing courses. The math instructional area developed a slightly different model that combines the curriculum of developmental math and Gateway math into “integrated” courses, saving students time and money and allowing remediation to be just-in-time for Gateway applications.

The increased pass rate for Gateway courses validates the efforts to improve the delivery of the instruction using the nationally-recognized NCAT model of accelerated math remediation. Student success data analysis also demonstrates a higher term-to-term persistence rate among the students who did not meet the test score benchmarks for their program upon admission but later completed remediation. NWTC’s unique personalized pathway model of developmental math instruction was presented at the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) conference in February 2015. This model creates individual pathways of curriculum within a developmental course dependent on each student’s skill set and occupational pathway.

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