Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching (also known as supplemental instruction) at NWTC began in 2009 with the hiring of an academic coach in nursing. In the past six years, the team has expanded and includes coaches for key gateway courses across the College (writing, math, science, practical nursing, and information technology).  Coaching assistance has increased from serving 781 students in 2012-13 to serving 2,585 students in 2015-16. Coaches provided over 30,000 hour-long sessions in 23 courses during the 2015-16 year. The Academic Coaching team tracks the impact of this intervention, and the data analysis showed that 77% of the students who attended a coaching session passed their course (C or better). Students who attended coaching were more likely to increase their grade in the course and less likely to fail the course or withdraw from the course. Mandatory academic coaching sessions have been added to all developmental courses including reading, writing, math and General Chemistry. A referral system was established utilizing our Starfish Early Alert system and 347 students received referrals to coaching in Fall of 2015. Students are surveyed each semester to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the coaching model at the campus.

NWTC has presented its innovative coaching model at state and national conferences in the past year. The team continues to engage in training to improve the services to students and the collaboration with faculty.

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