Online Early Alert System

Since the Fall 2014 college-wide rollout of Starfish, NWTC averages 21,850 individual pieces of feedback to approximately 6,700 students each semester. The Starfish Early Alert system is meeting our expectations of identifying struggling students earlier in the semester and getting them to the necessary resources more quickly: over 70% of the feedback is delivered in the first half of the semester. In a spring 2015 student survey (1,241 responses), 75% indicated that kudos help motivate them, 64% said flags help motivate them, and 58% said they connected with the services they needed because of the alerts from Starfish. The increase of shared information and student communication allows staff to help students make better-informed decisions about financial funding, registration, and education planning choices. With the help of Starfish, early interventions increased course success, and improved degree and diploma completion rates.

In August 2016, NWTC was awarded a second round of the iPASS (Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success) grant from the Gates Foundation to further enhance our technology-mediated advising efforts through education planning, counseling and advising, and risk targeting and interventions. For the Fall 2016 incoming student cohort, we will implement a student intake survey to gather pieces of data not collected anywhere else in our intake process and map the answers to existing interventions in which students can proactively participate before they ever enter the classroom. The intake survey data will be combined with predictive analytics to further enhance information about a student’s likelihood of persisting to the next semester and give staff and faculty more information to know which of their students most need the help in what areas. All of the new information will be shared through Starfish so that it may be combined with in-classroom behaviors demonstrated by flags, kudos, and referrals.

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