Career and Guided Pathways

In the Fall 2014, the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College started a deliberate focus on career pathways by redesigning and aligning college operations to allow students to take sequences of credentials in attainable steps toward better jobs and a degree, diploma, or certificate. A statewide TAACCCT IV grant allowed us to hire a career pathways coordinator to bring this change to scale by adapting a framework outlined by the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways (AQCP) and information from the State of Oregon. Changes to the NWTC data systems in early 2015 made it possible for students to be admitted in 2015-16 to the highest credential of a fully embedded pathway while also being admitted to all lower credentials within the pathway. This provided students with the ability to see the progress of each credential within their degree audit.  We offered 15 embedded pathways (in 40 programs), 9 ELL/Basic Ed career pathway bridges, and 2 program-to-program bridge pathways.  For 2016-17, we offered 43 designed pathways (in 92 programs), 27 embedded pathways (in 69 programs with 7 credentials that can be completed in high school), 5 ELL/Basic Ed career pathway bridges, and 2 program-to-program bridge pathways.

In Fall 2015, NWTC was accepted as 1 of 30 colleges to the AACC Pathways Project to map pathways, help students enter a pathway, keep students on their paths, and ensure that students are learning. We are working to build Guided Pathways that integrate academic and student services together into an intentional plan that guides a student into and through college to the successful completion of a career pathway and the transition to a baccalaureate program or the labor market. A team of project managers will map the Optimal NWTC Student Experience in order to identify, within all areas of the college, changes needed in order to be student-ready.

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