Faculty Quality Assurance System

The Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) at NWTC supports and engages all faculty in professional development and growth as instructors. Created as a joint effort by the Learning Division and Human Resources, the CIE provides faculty the opportunity to engage in competency-based courses and trainings that aid in the preparation for instructing in the classroom. For example, the CIE provides the basics of instruction, engagement, planning, and creation of successful learning environments while focusing on NWTC’s student-centered culture. Trainings offered include Teaching Methods & Technology, Assessment, Course Design, Behavioral Management, and Student Success and include online offerings. 

In 2015 NWTC adopted the Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) for all faculty. This initiative is comprised of six key areas: recruitment, selection and hiring, on-boarding, mentoring, professional development and performance evaluation. The FQAS strategically supports NWTC's Achieving the Dream initiatives as all faculty (full and part-time) participate in a workshop based on Skip Downing’s principles titled On Course. Tied closely to the FQAS is the Faculty Progression Structure. This document lays out the performance expectations, professional development, and performance measures at three delineated levels. The first level is our novice educator, second our emerging educator, third our reflective educator, and fourth our faculty peer leaders. This structure has been integral to growing our faculty culture, as well as the strength of instruction at the college.  NWTC has presented this intervention at state, regional and national conferences and will be included in the CIE’s first ever National Conference kicking off in the Fall of 2016.

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