Start Your Engines - A Multiple Measures Intervention

North Carolina implemented a new policy, entitled Multiple Measures, that colleges could begin to opt into in Fall 2013. This policy allows recent high school graduates with an unweighted GPA of at least 2.6 to automatically place into gatekeeper college courses, bypassing the placement test and developmental courses. Stanly Community College chose to opt in, and after the first year of implementation, we were invited to apply for a sub-grant from Guilford Technical Community College as part of the Completion by Design initiative to assist in those students who have high school GPAs in the range of 2.6-3.0. Our faculty and staff chose to use this money to develop a remediation module that would be adapted to each of our gatekeeper courses to assist all students in gatekeeper courses. This was piloted in MAT 171 and ENG 111 in spring 2015, and will be added to MAT 143 and MAT 152 in the summer of 2015.

At the beginning of each gatekeeper math and English course, all students will complete a lab assignment titled "Students, Start Your Engines!". This assignment is a short quiz to see if students are prepared for the concepts taught in the gatekeeper course. The assignment has a 2-hour time limit and students are given one attempt. The attempt does not impact the student's overall grade in the course, rather assist in diagnosing areas that may need to be revisited for the student to be completely successful in the course.

These remediations are packaged as "Pit Stops" and students are given time to complete their recommended "Pit Stops" to brush up on their skills. The "Pit Stop" is linked to the student's Pearson math and English lab accounts and allows students to practice their problems and tutors the students through solving each problem correctly. If a student gets stuck, the lab offers strategies for proper completion and the student can request to ask his/her instructor a question of clarification in the problem, effectively building the student and instructor relationship at the start of the course.

Once a student has completed his/her recommended "Pit Stops", he/she would then proceed to the "Winner's Circle". The "Winner's Circle" gives the student a second chance to prove he/she is prepared for their gatekeeper course. Again, this quiz has a 2-hour time limit and students are given one attempt to complete the assignment by the required due date. This quiz does count towards the student's overall grade in the course.

All students are required to complete this intervention, regardless of their method of entry into the courses (Multiple Measures, placement testing, or developmental education). The "Pit Stops" are available for students to revisit throughout the semester, in case they want to review the material again as it is needed and continue to brush up on their skills as they move through their gatekeeper courses. The broad-based intervention is one that will assist all students in the gatekeeper courses and plugs students into effective strategies for success at the onset of each gatekeeper course. 

The biggest challenge we faced in developing this intervention was working with our publishers to create the tool. Our math issues were quickly resolved, however, we still experienced some difficulty in transposing the needed English concepts into the publisher’s software. Our English department is now developing an in-house tool that can be used separate from the publisher’s software and easier to utilize. We believe this intervention is replicable at other institutions, however, we recommend working with your publishers or instructional designers to tailor the application to your specific needs. We also recommend creative labeling for the pre-test and post-test in an effort to reduce anxiety for students. 

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