Success Coaching and Peer Mentoring

Bunker Hill Community College’s Learning Community Seminar for First-Year Students integrates advising and student development outcomes into teaching and learning. A suite of support services woven into the Seminar provides an integrated and holistic support network for incoming students. Each Seminar is supported by a Success Coach Advisor, who collaborates with Seminar faculty on career and educational planning and delivers “just-in-time" interventions that help students to become resilient problem solvers as they learn to balance work, family responsibilities, and financial challenges. ACE Student Mentors embedded in the Seminars help new students adjust to the College’s academic and social environment and serve as model learners, peer teachers and study group facilitators to foster students’ academic achievement, engagement, and cultural competency. ACE Mentors collaborate with faculty in designing Learning Community curriculum and assignments and co-facilitate class activities and discussions on difficult issues such as religion, race, class, gender and culture. Researchers have documented that integrated approaches improve persistence and retention rates, particularly for marginalized students (Weissman et al., 2009). Blake (2007) found that success for underachieving students was best accomplished through “carefully constructed links between high academic expectations, traditional academic programs, and academically-focused student life programs.”

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