LifeMap Initiative

Bunker Hill Community College's Title III project, From Dreams to Reality: BHCC LifeMap, has an overarching goal of improving student engagement, retention and completion, beginning at the pre-enrollment stage, continuing into the formative first semester, and culminating in graduation and beyond. Underpinning the project is the BHCC LifeMap Framework composed of six interlocking elements that provide success pathways infused throughout the curriculum and student support services: Aligned Educational and Career Planning, Wraparound Coaching, Financial Savvy, Dynamic Support Services, Living e-Portfolio, and Powerful Social Networks. The activity has two interrelated components: Integrated Curriculum and Unified Services supported by the LifeMap Commons, both butressed by technology designed to enhance the quality of services.

Major academic departments have begun to expand their curricula, focusing mainly on introductory required, high-enrolled courses to embed LifeMap components—essentially creating LifeMap across the curriculum. Working closely with an instructional designer, cohorts of departmental faculty are establishing outcomes and develop toolkits of active teaching strategies, assignments, and assessments that integrate the BHCC LifeMap Framework. The primary work focuses on reinforcing planning, contextualizing activities and assignments, incorporating support services and referrals through the LifeMap Commons, customizing the e-portfolio system, and experimenting with learning through mobile devices and social media. Over the five years of the grant, a comprehensive electronic repository of best practices will be developed and made available.

Unified Support Services reconfigures a separated, segmented delivery system into a cohesive and comprehensive suite of services within the LifeMap Commons; virtual, one-on-one, and small group academic, career, financial, and transfer coaching; workshops and seminars; technology and multi-media options; and support for departmental curricular integration. Staff includes “navigators” who steer students to appropriate online and onsite resources, as well as professional tutors, peer mentors, and faculty—all collaborate to create a 360 degree support system. By locating services within a shared space—the LifeMap Commons—LifeMap seeks to provide comprehensive student support.

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