Summer Transition Program

Launched in 2012, Bunker Hill Community College’s Summer Transition Program enables entering students with assessed need for developmental English/math coursework to receive intensive review and instruction to progress through developmental levels prior to fall entry.

The program's Boot Camps that offer intensive three-week skills review in math and reading/writing, and integrate technology and diagnostic assessment to accelerate students through developmental sequences. Boot Camps are targeted to students with Accuplacer results near a threshold score for college-level English and/or math.

"Bridge" Classes which consist of eight-week courses in developmental reading/writing and math. Bridge classes are targeted to students needing more intensive instruction to progress to or through college-level or upper developmental level English and/or math.

Boot Camps and Bridge Classes are provided at no cost to new, re-admitted and transfer students at BHCC who are registered for the fall. Both programs are offered during the day and evening. Since the need for this kind of assistance is more pronounced among entering students of color, Summer Bridge also plays a part in closing achievement gaps.  

In its first two years, the program served a total of more than 800 students and demonstrated a number of successful outcomes:

Summer 2012 Bridge classes had a 76 percent successful completion rate.
Summer 2013 math Boot Camps had an 87 percent completion rate, and 68 percent of completers post-tested at a higher level on Accuplacer.
Summer 2013 Reading/Writing Boot Camps had an 88 percent completion rate, and 52 percent of completers post-tested at a higher level on Accuplacer.

In 2014, during a White House Summit attend by Bunker Hill Community College President Pam Y. Eddinger, President Obama praised the College’s Summer Transition Program, citing the College’s work to address the need of low-income students “by giving more incoming students the chance to start catching up over the summer before their freshman year.” With additional Vision Project grant funding designed to spur innovations and improve educational outcomes in public higher education, The College was able to expand and refine the capacity and efficacy of the Summer Bridge program. In 2014, the College doubled program capacity, enrolling 805 students. Data on progression of the 2014 program cohort showed that 74 percent of students enrolled in the highest level developmental Bridge Courses progressed to college level course work. 39 percent of students enrolled in summer Boot Camps moved up a level in at least one developmental area, while 11% moved up a level in two developmental areas.

To further measure the program’s success, the College created a comparison group of students who had taken the equivalent developmental course, and subsequently enrolled in the next level course in the same term as Bridge and Boot Camp participants. Bridge and Boot Camp participants generally had higher successful completion rates compared to the students coming from non-Bridge Course or non-Boot Camp developmental course pathways. Bridge Courses averaged a 70 percent success rate. From 2012 through 2014, an average of 80 percent of students who participated in the Summer Transition Program enrolled at the College the following fall semester.

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